Be a Part of a Tribe

Group Training classes at Prestige Fitness & Zone Athletic Clubs targets 5 to 10 participants with goal oriented missions.  We seek to find your competitive edge and compete against each other or with each other!

Budget Friendly

While one-on-one personal training is optimal for results, small group training provides that “personal feel” with an economical program in mind.  If you are seeking an additional session with your personal trainer, small group training will give your trainer or coach the opportunity to spend more time monitoring your progress and helping you with your form

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Comradery and Motivation

Training in a small group allows you to be held accountable by your Prestige Fitness or Zone Athletic Clubs Tribe.  In our small group circuit class, we guide you to increase your strength endurance and overall strength maxes in a fun, social environment.

*First time to Group Training class.  One per person.