Be a Part of a Tribe

Get Back in Shape with Small Group Training

Are you struggling to achieve your goals on your own? Do you want to feel part of a community? Small group training might be exactly what you need.

Zone Athletic Clubs’ small group training classes consist of 5-10 participants. It’s community-oriented, pushing you toward feats you never imagined you could achieve.

Budget Friendly

Small Group Training: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

One-on-one personal training is optimal for results. At Zone Athletic Clubs, you still get that personal touch with our personal trainer-led workouts, while keeping your budget top of mind.

If you’re already doing one-on-one personal training, small group training can provide you with greater opportunity for your coach or trainer to monitor your progress and help you continue to make strides forward.

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Comradery and Motivation

Join a Motivating and Supportive Community!

Training in small groups keeps you accountable and motivated. Cheer each other on. Provide encouragement and praise. Compete with each other, against each other, or for each other!

*First time to Group Training class.  One per person.