Nathan Deleary

Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

Certified Personal Trainer – Southlands

Education & Certifications

  • University of Denver: Bachelors in Psychology
  • CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Interests & Hobbies

  • Video Games
  • Reading
  • Personal Development
  • Meditation

I was born in Michigan but moved around all my life between Colorado, Hawaii and Virginia.

My fitness interest began in high school where I took classes around weight lifting and played soccer.

I served six years in the U.S Navy, where I went on two deployments all around the world. While in the Navy, I really became passionate about strength and building muscle. As my Navy career came to a close, I began a personal development journey that led to a profound interest in sport psychology.

Now with having a Bachelors in Psychology I plan to work in fitness to help other with their minds and bodies. I have aspirations of becoming the lead sports psychologist with FC Barcelona.


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